2024 Labour Day Celebration, the President of African BeeFarmers Union, Amb. Agim Godwin Apple advised small scale private farmers:

Engr. Agim, while looking forward to the World Bee Day celebration, he advised the farmers on the ecological utilization of farmlands for further production of human needs through agriculture and apiculture.

In his speech, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple pointed out the importance of having honey bee projects near oil palm plantations for sustainable yields:

1. Pollination: Oil palms require insect pollination, and honey bees are one of the most effective pollinators for oil palm trees. Having a healthy honey bee population in the vicinity can significantly improve oil palm fruit set and yield.

2. Increased yields: Studies have shown that oil palm plantations with beekeeping projects nearby can have up to 30% higher yields compared to plantations without integrated bee management.

3. Diversified income: The honey and other bee products generated from the beekeeping project provide an additional income stream for the oil palm farmers, making their operations more diverse and sustainable.


4. Ecosystem balance: Bees play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Their presence near oil palm plantations helps support biodiversity and contributes to the overall environmental balance.

5. Improved sustainability: Integrating honey bee projects with oil palm cultivation promotes a more sustainable agricultural system, reducing reliance on synthetic inputs and enhancing the long-term viability of the plantation.


Therefore, investing in a well-designed honey bee project in close proximity to oil palm plantations can be a valuable strategy for achieving higher, more sustainable yields and diversifying the income streams for oil palm farmers.

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