A judge sentence an internet scammer for defrauding victims across thirteen countries.

The Commission For Economic and Financial Crimes is sitting in Abuja, the Federal High Court J.Before Judge K Omotosho, he secured the conviction and sentence Eze Harrison Arinze for defrauding 34 victims in 13 countries for $592000

According to the anti-graft agency, Arinze was re-arrested on one charge adjacent to the acquisition under the pretext of impersonation and falsehood.

The press release states that Arinze’s victims are from Burundi, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, the United States and Zimbabwe.

“Between 2021/4 and 2022/12 in Abuja, under the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, you, EZE HARRISON ARINZE aka Charlotte Brain, fraudulently disguised Charlotte Brain, who is believed to be the owner of digitrades.netxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Telegram With the investment platform and its assumed characters, through your Bitcoin address, you got 5 cryptocurrency worth 592,000.00 from Coinbase exchange users – 333aghut8wahowrbqz2asxxxxxxxxxxx, a resident of Coinbase, a virtual asset service provider, and a site in 2015. Committed a crime contrary to Article 22(3)(b) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention) Act and punished under Article 22(4) of the Act

The defendant pleaded guilty when it was read to him.

From a judicial point of view, the prosecutor’s lawyer, Christopher Muscheria, urged the court to convict the defendant and make a ruling as being prosecuted.

Judge Omotosho was able to sentence Arinze to 3 years in prison and impose a fine of N3,000,000.00.

He added that as of 2023/12/4, 461 bitcoins, will be returned to 13 victims from 34 countries.

The judge ordered that the total of N37, 977, 108 residing in his bank account, including a plot of land located in the plot number Anioma layout of Umti Boijniki in the Enugu Eastern Local government area of Enugu State, be confiscated by the federal government.

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