AGRICULTURE: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, advised farmers to invest on Hybrid Tenera Palms, for palm oil production:

The best about the Hybrid Tenera Palms and the fight against the global warming.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple President, African Development Concepts Ry Finland.

Hybrid Tenera oil palms offer several advantages compared to other types of oil palms as it produces palm oil for both local and industrial use.

One of the higher oil yield palms in the world is Tenera palms, it has been selectively bred to produce higher oil yields compared to other palm varieties.

This is due to their genetic makeup, which results in larger oil-bearing fruits.

As a result, hybrid Tenera palms can deliver higher oil production per unit of land.

Enhanced disease resistance: Tenera palms display improved resistance to certain diseases, particularly to the devastating fungal disease known as Fusarium wilt or Panama disease

This resistance helps protect the palms from infection and contributes to higher productivity and longer plant lifespan.

Improved environmental sustainability: Tenera palms are more environmentally sustainable compared to other oil palm varieties.

With higher oil yields, fewer palm trees are required to meet the same oil production target, reducing the amount of land needed for cultivation. This can help minimize deforestation and protect biodiversity.

Lower production costs: Due to their higher oil yield potential, hybrid Tenera palms can be more cost-effective for oil palm plantations.

The increased productivity reduces the per-unit cost of oil production, making it economically advantageous for commercial growers.

Greater oil quality and versatility: The oil produced from hybrid Tenera palms is of good quality, with a high content of saturated and monounsaturated fats.

This makes it suitable for various applications, including cooking oil, food processing, and biodiesel production.

It’s important to note that despite the advantages, oil palm cultivation still has some negative impacts if the planting stuff is not purchased from a professional who is willing to bring development to the region.

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