Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, Call on farmers to work towards implementation of Apicultural Development in Cross River State.


Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple is encouraging farmers to work towards the implementation of Apicultural Development in Cross River State.

Apiculture, which is the practice of beekeeping, can bring various benefits to farmers and the environment.

By promoting apiculture, farmers can diversify their income sources and enhance their agricultural practices.

Bees play a crucial role in pollination, which improves crop yields and quality. Additionally, beekeeping can provide opportunities for farmers to produce and sell honey, beeswax, propolis, and other hive products.

In order to promote the successful implementation of apicultural development, it’s important for farmers to have access to appropriate training, information on best beekeeping practices, and necessary resources.

They should also be aware of environmental factors that can impact bee populations, such as pesticide use and habitat loss.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, call on farmers or any interested persons who wish to venture into beekeeping or need guidance on implementing apicultural development in Cross River State, or Nigeria at a whole to contact the African BeeFarmers Union [email protected] where solution can be provided through further information and resources.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, made this declaration at the end of his meeting with the executives of African BeeFarmers Union where he signed the Apitherapists Hospital Project in Tanzania, underhisexecutiveorder as the presidentofAfricanDevelopmentConcept Ry. Finland.

The Vice-President of African BeeFarmers Union, Comrade Alphonce Matata and other elective officers were present in the meeting.

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