Ambassador Aisha Ibrahim, urged the Federal government to undertake a thorough medical attention on Uduak Adams:

Ambassador Aisha Ibrahim UPF

After the world has witnessed through the social media, the unfortunate event of a lady lawyer being torture by the streets stars at Ikorodu, Lagos, over false accusations related to child kidnapped.

A Peace Envoy of the Universal Peace Federation, a United Nations Consultative Status on Economic and Social Council., Ambassador Aisha Ibrahim, has drawn the attention of the federal government to as a mater of urgency, undertake a medical treatment on the victim of circumstance, Miss Uduak Adams.

Miss Uduak Adams, in the hands of the bullies.

Ambassador Aisha Ibrahim (Mrs) showed her interest for peace and humanity by contacting the president of the Human Rights Watch and Youths Empowerment Foundation Nigeria, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, urging him to used his good office to facilitating immediate justice for the survival victim, Uduak Adams.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, President of HRWF Nigeria.

Ambassador Aisha, while speaking, she stresses more vital points as follows:

I’m not an expert in this field, but I believe that they’re some possible reasons why individuals who have been tortured might require thorough medidical attention.

Looking at the physical and psychological impact of torture, physical injuries through torture can lead to severe physical trauma, including broken bones, dislocated joints, internal injuries, burns, and wounds.

These injuries may require immediate medical attention, such as surgery, wound care, physical therapy, or rehabilitation.

She continued that torture often causes severe psychological distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health conditions. Victims like Miss Uduak Adams, may require mental health support through therapy, counseling, or psychiatric interventions.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, also supported that such cases quickly involve Neurological damages because torture techniques that involve head injuries, suffocation, or strangulation can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or other neurological damage.

He call on the Humanitarian Minister, Dr. Betta Edu, to urgently involve the situation of Miss Uduak into her line of activities since the victim may need specialized neurological examinations and treatments.

Dr. Betta Edu, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs

Ambassador Aisha says that this must’ve inflicted chronic pain and fatigue on the victim through torture and she may experience chronic pain and fatigue due to physical injuries or physiological conditions resulting from their ordeal.

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