Ambassador Godwin Apple, called on University of Calabar Vice-chancellor to improve Apicultural Dept in the Institution:


Ambassador Godwin Apple, called on University of Calabar Vice-chancellor to improve Apicultural Dept in the Institution.

African BeeFarmers Union, partipating in Apimondia in Santiago Chile.(Apimondia is the world summit of Beekeepers and bee products dealers yearly summit).

The President of African Development Concepts Ry. Finland Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, has requested for an urgent attention to be focused on the Apicultural Development in Cross River State Nigeria, through the University of Calabar, UNICAL.

Speaking at the ongoing Apimondia summit in Santiago Chile, the Afdevco president, said it necessary for Cross River state to improve the activities of Beekeeping business in the state to serve even as a research centre for the entire global world.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, previously was the SSA to Governor of Cross River State on Honey Bee Projects and Head of Apicultural Development in Cross River State, says the mission will not be completed without involvement of an institution of higher learning to holistically handle the process.

We need inventive mechanism on Bee venom collection, royal jelly and queen’s breeding, while most of these properties require a standard laboratory for storage and preservation.

Ambassador Agim, in his message to the University of Calabar vice-chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi, advising that the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital is overdue in adopting the use of Apitherapy in treatment of most illnesses and also the Obudu German Hospital will be depending on the Cross River State Honey Bee Project, for the suppliers of wild-bees properties to enhance treatment in Apitherapy.

According to Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, the University of Calabar may have more than one reasons to consider improving its department of Apiculture:

The increasing demand for beekeeping has gained significant attention worldwide due to its ecological and economic benefits.

Considering the Cross River State agricultural thrive, Bees play a vital role in pollination, which directly impacts agriculture and food security. By improving the department of Apiculture, the university can contribute to meeting the growing demand for skilled beekeepers and promote sustainable farming practices.

Amb. Godwin Apple, continue that this achievement will support research and innovation opportunities as beekeeping encompasses various sectors such as honey production, pollination services, and the development of value-added bee products.

An improved Apiculture department can foster research and innovations in these areas, leading to breakthroughs in beekeeping techniques, disease management, and product diversification.

This research can contribute to the overall advancement of the agricultural industry.

Also, the educational and training programs enhancing the Apiculture Dept. can create opportunities for students to receive comprehensive education and training in beekeeping.

This includes learning about bee biology, hive management, honey extraction, and value-added product development.

A well-trained graduates can then contribute to the local beekeeping industry, elevating the practice to a more professional and sustainable level as well as community engagement and awareness, where the university can collaborate with local communities and organizations to promote beekeeping as a lucrative and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional agricultural practices.

The Afdevco president, said that by establishing partnerships, the Apiculture department can facilitate training sessions, workshops, and outreach programs to raise awareness about the importance of bees and encourage community participation in beekeeping activities, as this will bring economic development because beekeeping has the potential to create employment opportunities and generate income for communities.

An improved Apiculture department can equip students and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to start their own beekeeping businesses.

By fostering entrepreneurial activities in the apiculture sector, the university can contribute to local economic development and poverty reduction.

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