APC Women in politics assured citizens of good governance and improved household empowerment:

Alice Achi

2nd Collaboration of all APC Women Support Groups Coordinators,DGs, Leaders Presidents and Chairpersons.

Hintusmedia.com/Finland-daily APC Women in the Nigeria politics have been playing a very active roles in the development and improvement of better lives programs.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, is a global peace Ambassador of the United Nations and presently the Nigeria Diaspora Peace Ambassador to Finland, His role in the United Nations as the UPF Ambassador, include the protection of Women and Children.

While on interactive with Dr. Alice Achi, it was understood that the APC Women leadership in politics can bring a fresh perspective and contribute to better governance.

They can bring diverse experiences and priorities to the table, which can lead to more inclusive policies.

Additionally, empowering women at the household level is crucial for overall societal development. It helps create opportunities for economic growth, improves living standards, and promotes gender equality.

By prioritizing these goals, Ambassador Godwin Apple, says that the 2nd Collaboration of the All Peoples Congress, APC Women Support Groups Coordinators, DGs, Leaders Presidents and Chairpersons forum is taking a step in the right direction.


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