APICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: How to protect your Honey Bee Hives from Ants invasion:

By: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple

In the field of Apiculture, aints are known to be predators and territorial insects.

Ants invade bee hives, attack and kill the bees.

To protect your bee hives from ant invasions, you can take the following steps:

You can create a moat and surround the legs of your beehive stands with water or create a moat using a thick line of petroleum jelly or cooking oil. This creates a barrier that ants find difficult to cross.

Use ant-proof hive stands, invest in hive stands that have ant-proof features, such as fine-mesh bottom boards or metal legs with built-in ant guards. These prevent ants from crawling up into the hive.

You should keep your hive clean, regularly clean and maintain your hive to eliminate any food sources that may attract ants. Remove spilled honey, propolis, or dead bees that may be present in and around the hive

Apply cinnamon: Sprinkle powdered cinnamon around the base of the hive and on the legs of the hive stands. Ants dislike the strong scent of cinnamon and will avoid crossing it.

Use natural ant deterrents methods since there are several natural substances that ants dislike, such as cloves, peppermint oil, or vinegar. Soaking cotton balls in these substances and placing them around the hive can help repel ants.

Constantly aintain a distance from ant colonies to ensure that your hives are located at a sufficient distance from known ant colonies. This reduces the chance of ants finding and invading your hives.

Close monitoring and take action regularly, inspect your hive for signs of ant activity.

If you notice ants starting to invade, take immediate action using ant baits or non-toxic ant traps.

Ensure that these methods are safe for your bees and follow the instructions carefully.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, President of African BeeFarmers Union

Remember, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of your bees when taking any action to protect your hives from ants.

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