BREAKING NEWS: APC Women Support Group to cancel election results in South-South Nigeria.

Hon. Sarah David, who recently contested for the position of South-South Zonal Women Leader in Nigeria’s APC Women Support Groups election, is calling for the cancellation of the election results. Hon. Sarah initially won the election with a total of 1067 votes, defeating her competitors, Hon Torita Odey and Mary Peace Williams.

According to Hon. Sarah, the election organizers later modified the Google Document containing the results. They allegedly increased Torita Odey’s votes from 729 to 1382, leading to the overturning of the election results.

Hon. Sarah David has urged her supporters to remain calm and reassured them that she will not accept the manipulated results. She believes a bye-election should be conducted to address the issue properly.

Despite the election controversy, Hon. Sarah David remains committed to supporting and staying loyal to the All Progressives Congress (APC). She has advised her followers to follow her political footsteps in the future.

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