Breaking news: Global Peace Envoy Appeals to Nigerian Lawmakers to Reconsider Empowerment Policies UPF Global Peace Envoy Appeals to Nigerian Lawmakers to Reconsider Empowerment Policies

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple Urges Focus on Sustainable Livelihoods Over Vehicle Donations

Helsinki, Finland – During his visit to Abuja, His Excellency Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, the UPF Global Peace Envoy, has made a strong appeal to Nigerian lawmakers to reconsider their approach to youth empowerment.

In a statement, Ambassador Agim expressed concerns over the common practice of distributing old cars as a form of empowerment gesture to young Nigerians.

He argued that true empowerment should focus on sustainability and the creation of long-term livelihoods.

“Empowerment has to do with sustainability for onward livelihoods,” stated Ambassador Agim. “Where do you expect a jobless man to drive to? Even agricultural development will form a better background for the successful livelihoods of the youths than cars and motorcycles.”

Instead, the envoy suggested that lawmakers should prioritize skills acquisition programs in various entrepreneurial and educational fields.

He emphasized the importance of manpower development to equip the youth with the necessary tools to thrive in the job market and create their own sustainable careers.

“Empowerment is not about handing out vehicles, but about investing in the long-term success of our young people,” Ambassador Godwin Apple added. “We need to focus on building their capacities and providing them with the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and productive members of society.”

The United Nations’ Global Peace Envoy’s appeal comes at a critical time as Nigeria grapples with high youth unemployment and the need for effective and sustainable empowerment initiatives.

Lawmakers are urged to heed Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple’s advice and reevaluate their approach to supporting the country’s youth.

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