BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria Police Force has announced a ban on the use of POS machines:

The Nigeria Police Force has announced a ban on the use of POS machines and other electronic mobile money transaction devices within police stations and facilities across the country.

The ban comes in response to public outcry concerning alleged extortion and illicit transactions involving POS machine operators and certain police officers.

Violators of the ban will face sanctions at police commands and formations, including the leadership at such locations.

The ban aims to preserve the integrity and security of police operations, as well as clear police facilities of possible criminal intrusion.

The use of electronic payment devices within police facilities poses significant risks, such as compromising sensitive information, financial irregularities, and facilitating illicit activities.

The ban is non-negotiable, and strict adherence is expected from all officers and personnel. Any police officer or POS operator found violating the ban or involved in illicit financial transactions will face disciplinary action and criminal charges.

The responsibility will also extend to the leadership at the affected commands and formations.’l

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