BREAKING NEWS: Nigerians lament over the increase in Natural Honey prices as a litre price moved from $8.60 to $13.50 recently, due to currency exchange rates.

There’s concern recently in Nigeria, especially in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory over the increase in natural honey prices, with the price per litre rising from $8.60 to $13. 50 due to currency exchange rates.

Fluctuations in exchange rates can indeed impact the prices of imported products, making them more expensive for consumers thereby affecting the local products as well.

According to the President of African BeeFarmers Union and a major BeeFarmer in Cross River State, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, it is understandable that such price increases can be a burden for consumers, especially when it comes to essential food items like honey.

These changes in pricing may affect people’s budgets and purchasing power.

This is because, it’s important for individuals to consider their options and explore alternatives while navigating these price changes.

Due to this development, the resales of natural honey in Nigeria is almost based on selectivity for especially the National Hospital and few private clinics that depend on pure natural Honey from the Cross River State for Apitherapy usage.

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