CHILD DEDICATION: Standstill in Calabar as Family and Friends Honour the Dedication of Dominica, Cherished Child of Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Okweche

Standstill in Calabar as Family and Friends Honour the Dedication of Dominica, Cherished Child of Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Okweche

By, Ndifon Joseph – Calabar

The usually bustling Essien Town, Calabar came to a remarkable standstill on Sunday, 2nd June, 2024, as family members, friends, and well-wishers gathered to celebrate the dedication of Dominica, the cherished child of Mr & Mrs Dominic Okweche.

The heartfelt event took place at St. Charles L’Wanga Catholic Church in Essien Town, a church, adorned with beautiful floral arrangements and filled with the harmonious sounds of the choir, setting the perfect backdrop for the dedication, followed by a grand reception at Axari Hotel on the Murtala Mohammed Highway.

The ceremony began with a solemn Mass, with a warm welcome from the officiating priest, Rev. Fr Joseph Odey, who delivered an inspiring sermon on the significance of dedication, emphasizing the family’s role in nurturing and guiding young Dominica.

“Today, we witness a family bringing their beloved child to God, seeking His blessings and protection. It is a reminder for all of us to support and nurture our children, who are gifts from God,” he said.

The highlight of the Mass was the dedication ceremony itself, where Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Okweche, flanked by their immediate family, friends and well-wishers, presented Dominica to the altar, where wiith reverent words and solemn vows, they committed to raising their child in the faith, and the priest’s blessing, combined with the fervent prayer of the faithfuls, marked the sacred moment.

Following the church service, a convoy of elegantly decorated cars and power bikes made its way through Calabar to Axari Hotel, where the reception was held. The hotel’s grand ballroom was transformed into a festive venue with exquisite décor that reflected the joyous occasion. Guests were treated to a lavish banquet featuring both local and international cuisine, meticulously prepared to please every palate.

The reception was a lively affair, marked by heartfelt speeches, traditional dances, and musical performances. Mr. Dominic Okweche (who also marked his birthday), in his speech (at the sideline of the occasion), expressed profound gratitude to everyone who attended and supported them.

“Today is a special day for our family. We are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from all of you. Dominica is truly blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful community,” he said, his voice filled with emotion.

Mrs. Okweche, visibly moved, also took a moment to express her profound gratitude and enthusiasm.

“As parents, we are committed to providing Dominica with a loving and nurturing environment. We thank you all for being a part of this journey with us,” she said, her eyes shining with tears of joy.

The entertainment was top-notch, with performances by local artists and traditional dance troupes that captivated the audience. The high point was a surprise musical tribute to the late Prince Nico Mbarga’s famous song, “Sweet Mother,” which had matriarch from both family on their feet, dancing and celebrating.

As the evening progressed, guests (from all walks of life) mingled and enjoyed the festivities, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy.

In a city known for its vibrant culture and warm hospitality, the event was a reminder of the importance of family, friendship (across board), and the collective spirit. As the night drew to a close, it was clear that this was a day that would be fondly remembered by all who attended, especially the Okweche family.

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