Cross River State and the risk taking on Forest exploitation:

Engr. Agim Godwin Apple -Director AFDEVCO Agro-Forest Nigeria Limited

Cross River State, like many regions, faces potential health risks as a result of deforestation and the activities of timber loggers.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, addressed climate change issues with the members of board of Afdevco Agro-Forest Nigeria Limited, recently in Stockholm, Sweden.

The meeting which turnout to be a semi-seminar was caption for the end of year round table get together by a fellow director of Afdevco, Mr. Ignatius Oli and the company Secretary-General and Financial Secretary, Barr. Madge Odey and Terttu Puikkonen-Agim.

According Ambassador Agim, there’s need for the company to embark on responding quickly and supportive to clients on issues of afforestation in the areas where the agricultural open fields can be managed by replacing the lost vegetation with oil palms for sustainable green environment.

Deforestation can lead to a variety of environmental and public health concerns, because it increased exposure to disease vectors: Deforestation can disrupt natural habitats and lead to the displacement of wildlife, potentially bringing humans into closer contact with disease-carrying animals and insects.

Impact on water sources: Forests play a crucial role in maintaining water quality and regulating water flow.

Deforestation can lead to soil erosion, sedimentation of rivers and streams, and decreased water quality, which in turn can increase the risk of waterborne diseases.

Loss of traditional medicine sources: Forests often harbor valuable medicinal plants and herbs used in traditional medicine. The loss of these resources can impact local healthcare practices and access to natural remedies.

Displacement of indigenous communities: Deforestation can lead to the displacement of indigenous communities, impacting their access to traditional resources and potentially leading to health and social challenges.

Addressing these potential health risks requires a multi-faceted approach that considers both environmental conservation and public health strategies.

Protecting and sustainably managing forest resources, promoting access to clean water, and implementing public health initiatives can all contribute to mitigating the spread of epidemic diseases in the aftermath of deforestation.

AFDEVCO NIGERIA LIMITED in our 2024 to 2030 agenda will transform few states in Africa from petrochemical and Forests exploitation to environmental friendly activities in oil palms productivity and wild natural honey in the regions of Africa.

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