Cross River State Honey Bee Project explains why they insist on producing natural homogeneous Honey:

Amb. Engr. Agim Godwin Apple – CEO of Afdevco Nigeria Limited and Chairman of Cross River State Wildflower Honey, Obudu. The benefits of homogenizing honey for both human consumption and apitherapy in Cross River State, a project that has lifted Cross River State of Nigeria a name of a golden egg layer through the Head of Apicultural Development, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple.

It is believed that the texture and Consistency of Homogenizing honey creates a smooth, uniform texture that consumers find appealing. It prevents the natural separation of components that can occur in unprocessed honey.

Shelf Appeal: The consistent appearance achieved through homogenization makes the honey more visually appealing on store shelves.

Natural Longevity: Honey is known for its natural ability to last a long time without spoiling. This longevity is one of the reasons it remains a popular sweetener.

The homogenization process helps maintain this natural longevity by ensuring the honey remains in a stable, uniform state. Overall, homogenizing honey improves its marketability and consumer acceptance, while preserving its inherent qualities.

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