Obudu BeeFarm Project, report an accident on one of the wild bee farms in Bebuabie, Obudu.

The CEO of the project, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, said the collapse of the heavily colonised bee hive was due to the overweight as honey are due for harvest for the first season of the year.

Amb. Godwin Apple advised all road users of Kukukah primary school Road to take extra precautions to avoid bees attacks

and potential accidents. He also urged residents and farmers in the surrounding areas to be cautious when working near the bee farms.

The accident occurred on Sunday, March 3rd, at around 01.30. The collapsed hive resulted in a swarm of angry bees, which led to two farm workers being stung multiple times. The workers, identified as David Apuye and Mercy Ushie Agim’Idang, were immediately rushed to the nearby Obudu General Hospital for medical treatment.

They were treated for severe allergic reactions due to the bee stings and are currently in stable condition.

The BeeFarm Project team quickly responded to the incident by calling in beekeepers to control the situation.

The team lead by the farm manager, Mr. Chris Unimke Ugal, are now trying to secure the area and remove the collapsed hive, minimizing the risk of further injuries.

In light of this accident, the Obudu BeeFarm Project has taken the following measures to prevent future accidents and ensure the safety of workers and visitors:

  1. Conducting regular hive inspections and maintenance to prevent hives from becoming too heavy and unstable.
  2. Providing specialized training to farm workers on how to handle and manage bees in case of emergencies.
  3. Enhancing safety protocols and guidelines for workers, including the use of protective clothing, such as bee suits, gloves, and veils.
  4. Installing warning signs and cautionary notices in the vicinity of the bee farms to alert road users and passersby of the potential danger.
  5. Collaborating with local authorities to educate the community about bee safety and proper response measures in case of a bee attack.

Amb. Godwin Apple expressed his regret over the incident and assured all stakeholders that the project would take all necessary steps to prevent such accidents in the future. He emphasized that safety is a top priority for the Obudu BeeFarm Project and that they are committed to providing a safe working environment for their employees and visitors.

The BeeFarm Project also encourages anyone who encounters a swarm of bees or witnesses any unusual behavior near the bee farms to contact the project’s emergency hotline at +358 45 132 6601 immediately.

By implementing these proactive measures, the Obudu BeeFarm Project aims to mitigate the risks associated with bee farming and ensure a safe and successful honey production season for the community.

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