Cross Riverian Apicultural Expertise, warned Tourists to Afi forest over deadly Eel fish in Afi River, Boki Local Government Area:

The President of African BeeFarmers Union Amb. Agim Godwin Apple, has sound a warning to the general public after his 30 days research on the traditional colonisation of African Wildflower Honey Bees in the Bouanchor Wildlife forest reserve in Boki, Cross River State of Nigeria.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple

Ambassador Godwin Apple, who lodge permanently in the forest during the research which was conducted day and night, said he came across many things to take note on.

While speaking to the Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Forestry matters, Mr. Cletus Ugbizi Adie, Ambassador Godwin Apple, said it will be necessary for the state government to include Bees as special rangers of the forests to fight against timber illegality.

Ambassador Agim, warned on the dangers of electric eels, in Afi-river, although they are not technically eels but a type of knifefish, possess the ability to deliver electric shocks.

When provoked or threatened, electric eels can discharge high-voltage electric shocks, primarily to defend themselves or hunt prey. Regarding the effects of electric eels on humans, their electric shocks can inflict various effects depending on the intensity and duration of the shock, as well as the location of the contact.

For humans, coming into contact with an electric eel’s shock can potentially cause the following effects:

Pain: Electric shocks from eels can cause intense pain at the site of contact, which may vary depending on the individual’s sensitivity and the severity of the shock.

Burns: Electric shocks from eels can lead to thermal burns at the contact points.

The severity of the burns depends on the duration and intensity of the shock.

Muscular reactions: Electric shocks can induce muscular contractions and spasms, potentially leading to loss of coordination or temporary paralysis.

Respiratory and cardiovascular effects: In cases of strong shocks, electric eel discharges can interfere with normal heart rhythm and breathing, possibly leading to serious complications.

Psychological impact: Being shocked by an electric eel can be a traumatic experience and may cause psychological distress, anxiety, or phobias related to aquatic environments.

It is important to add this warning in your tourism brochure to note that while electric eels have the potential to harm humans, most encounters are accidental, as they generally avoid human contact unless provoked. It is advisable to exercise caution and refrain from approaching electric eels or their habitats to prevent any potential adverse effects. If you suspect you have been shocked by an electric eel, seek medical attention promptly.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, appreciate one David Bisong of Balakwu in Boki, who aided him throughout the

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