Do not transfer political parties’ aggression to commodities prices. Ambassador Agim Godwin warned Nigerian traders on the high cost of goods.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple B.Sc (Health and Social Care) Finland (Member of G37 Political Network) Nigeria.

It is important to note that such warnings from Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple about the high cost of goods in Nigeria are not uncommon. However, it is unclear from the given information how exactly he is cautioning against transferring political parties’ aggression to commodities prices.

In some cases, political instability or policy changes can contribute to fluctuations in the prices of commodities. For example, if there is a sudden increase in import tariffs or restrictions on certain products, it can lead to higher costs for traders, which can then be passed on to consumers.

It is also possible that Ambassador Agim Godwin is cautioning against using commodities prices as a means to express political discontent or to manipulate public sentiment.

This is common in some countries where political parties or interest groups deliberately manipulate prices of essential goods to gain popular support or undermine the ruling party.

In any case, the warning implies that traders should be cautious and not let their political affiliations or biases influence their pricing decisions. It is crucial for traders to consider market forces, supply and demand dynamics, and other economic factors that affect the cost of goods.

Overall, it is important for traders to understand the various influences on commodity prices and make informed decisions, rather than letting political aggression or affiliations cloud their judgments.

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