Enoh, Ironbar, Zana, Elites across party lines, Honour the Dedication of Asher, the cherished child of Barr. & Mrs Gilbert Agbor.


By Ndifon Joseph

In a remarkable demonstration of cross-party collaboration and unity, captains of Industries, the political class led by Secretary to the Cross River State Government, Prof. Anthony Owan-Enoh, a renowned Professor in Philosophy of Education and the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Emmanuel Ironbar, business men & women, military & paramilitary personnel, family members as well as friends and acquaintances within the state and beyond on Sunday, January 28th, 2024 converged at the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Ikot Ansa Parish, TTC-Calabar to honour and witness the dedication/baptism of Master Asher Agbor-Ntui Agbor, the cherished child of Barr & Mrs Gilbert Agbor.

Amidst the elegant setting and festive atmosphere, political leaders set aside their differences to collectively celebrate the milestone in the Agbor family life; a household that stands out not only for their achievements, but also for their unwavering commitment to connecting with every segment with passion and inclusivity, especially the downtrodden.

Administering the sacrament of baptism, the presiding minister, Rev Egbai Ojobe Egbai, highlighted its significance as a religious ritual symbolizing purification, rebirth, and initiation into the faith community-marking the beginning of a person’s journey in their religious beliefs. He further prayed for the child.

“Today, Asher has become a christian. The parents have handed him over to God in Heaven. As I hold him in my arms, I pray for Your care and protection over him (Amen!). He will grow and excel more than his parents (Amen!).”

Detailing the challenges, turbulence, and emotional strain linked to pregnancy which can be profound and varied, impacting individuals in unique ways, Mrs. Gilbert Agbor expressed.

“This pregnancy journey; you may think you’re ready; you may think you know what to expect, but when you get in there you will realise that you know nothing at all.”

In his goodwill message, Barr Gilbert Agbor extends heartfelt gratitude to the guests for honoring the child dedication/baptism ceremony.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the church and clergy for their support. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our friends who graciously attended despite their busy schedules. Special appreciation is extended to our friends in high offices who joined us in celebrating this special occasion.”

The highlight of the event was a lavish reception at their Digital Estate, Calabar, featuring a diverse array of delectable dishes reminiscent of a state banquet and the presentation of gift items by a group of local residents, colloquially referred to as “Area Boys,” emphasizing the spirit of camaraderie between the Agbor family and individuals of different socioeconomic backgrounds within the community. Notably, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Emmanuel Ironbar, went out of his way to attend, cutting short his busy schedule and itinerary in Abuja.

The event also witnessed the presence of distinguished individuals, including the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof. Zana Akpagu; Dr. (Mrs.) Virginia Ironbar, the wife of the Chief of Staff to the Governor who was seen in church with her entire household; Sir Joe Adie, former Accountant General of the State; Barr Akiba Ekpenyong, S.A Special Duties to the Governor; Barr Paul Ishabor, the DG of the Reclaim Cross River Movement; Hon. Ebam Emanghe, former PDP State Deputy Chairman; Rt Hon. Efa Esua, former House of Assembly Member representing Calabar Municipal; Dr Kajogbola Gbenga, MD Asi-Ukpo Diagnostic Center, Calabar; PDP Chapter Chairmen of Obubra and Abi, Mr. Godwin Igwe and Mr. Victor Bassey; Ntufam Gabe Odu Oji; Prof. Emmanuel Ekuri; Dr. Okim Takim; Hon. Edo Owan; and various military and paramilitary personnel, among others.

In a world often marked by division, the Agbor family stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and inclusivity. Through their multifaceted efforts, they have not only built bridges across society but also created a lasting legacy that resonates with the hearts of those who have experienced their benevolence. The Agbor family’s story is a reminder that, irrespective of our backgrounds, we can all play a role in creating a more compassionate and connected world.

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