Federal Government Denies Receiving Proposals for American, French Military Bases in Nigeria:

Hintusmedia Correspondence:

Federal Government’s denial of receiving proposals from the United States and France to establish a military base in Nigeria:

Federal Government of Nigeria has denies receiving proposals for USA and French Military Bases in Nigeria

In a statement released recently, the Nigerian Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, has denied that the Federal Government has received any proposals from the United States and France to establish military bases in the country.

The denial comes after some northern leaders cautioned President Bola Tinubu against allowing the US and French governments to relocate their military bases from the Sahel region to Nigeria.

“The Federal Government wishes to state categorically that it has not received any proposal from the United States or the French government regarding the establishment of military bases in Nigeria,” the minister said in the statement.

The minister went on to emphasize that the Nigerian government remains committed to protecting the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will not support any actions that could compromise the nation’s security.

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“Nigeria’s foreign policy is centered on mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. The government will not entertain any proposals that could undermine these principles,” the statement read.

The issue of foreign military presence in Nigeria has been a sensitive topic, with some northern leaders expressing concerns about the potential implications for the country’s security and stability.

President Tinubu, who recently took office, has emphasized the need to address the security challenges facing the country, including the ongoing insurgency in the northeast and the rising incidence of banditry and kidnapping in other parts of the country.

The Federal Government’s denial of the proposals suggests that it is unwilling to compromise the country’s sovereignty and is focused on finding homegrown solutions to the security challenges facing the nation.

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