FG direct hospitals to save lives without waiting for a police report.

The Federal Government has ordered hospitals across the nation to put saving lives first.

For years, Nigerian hospitals have required police reports from accident and gunshot victims before treating them, which has frequently resulted in victims losing their lives.

Muhammad Ali Pate, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, stated that hospitals have been instructed by the Federal Government to put saving lives before any other demands.

Recently, patients showing up at emergency rooms and police reports being questioned about shootings or accidents have raised concerns.It’s a shame, but in all federal teaching hospitals—for instance, when I visited Maiduguri over the weekend—life must come first.On Wednesday, October 11, Pate spoke to Channel tv.

Life comes first, and we have reiterated that.I think that’s what every one of our hospitals is doing. No one should be forced to perish while waiting for a police report because they had an emergency or faced a life-threatening challenge.

According to Pate, “Saving lives comes first and that is the direction we have given; that is what we would pursue, and we hope that all hospitals, including private hospitals, will have this mindset that in health, it’s save lives first.”.

The health minister stated that it is anticipated that all 36 states will implement the federal government’s directive in their various hospitals.

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