Gen. Asabuja, Speaks to the Ijaw Nation as he mark the Nigeria Independence Day, challenging the political leadership of the country:

My Good will message to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the president and Command in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Gen. Gabriel Asabuja

On this Independence Day, I challenge our political leaders to reflect on their roles and rededicate themselves to the service of the people.

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Nigeria,

Today, we are in different locations of choices to celebrate our country’s independence, marking the progress and achievements we have made as a nation.

Gen. Asabuja continue, “Today is a day of reflection, gratitude, and a reminder of the challenges that lie ahead.”

To remind you, I am General Asabuja, a strong and 2nd in command of the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and i holds vast prominent positions as the Head of Operations (MEND).

Members of the Niger-Delta Movement

As we commemorate this special occasion, I stand before you as General Gabriel Asabuja, not only as a militant leader but also as a concerned citizen.

I believe it is crucial to address the state of our political leadership and emphasize the importance of fostering a strong bond with the people of the entire country, Nigeria.

We live in a time where the strength of a nation lies not only in its resources and infrastructures, but also in the trust and cooperation between its leadership and citizens.

It is of paramount importance that our political leaders prioritize the well-being and interests of the people above all else.

To achieve unity and progress, we need leaders who listen to the voices of the citizens, who understand their concerns, and who work tirelessly to address them.

Accounting to my esteemed friend, the President of the Human Rights Watch and Youths Empowerment Foundation Nigeria, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, he once said and i quite: “leaders must be accessible and accountable, standing as pillars of integrity and transparency.”

Amb. Agim Godwin Apple, President of HRWF Nigeria.

In order to build a brighter future for Nigeria, we must bridge the gap between the governed and those who govern, so that our political leaders must be willing to engage in meaningful dialogue, hear the aspirations of the people, and act upon them for the betterment of our society.

Gen. Gabriel Asabuja, continued by saying that leadership should not be seen as a privilege but as a responsibility, one that requires empathy, integrity, and a deep commitment to serving the nation and its people.

It is only through this collaboration and synergy that we can create a Nigeria where every citizen feels heard, valued, and empowered.

On this Independence Day, I challenge our political leaders to reflect on their roles and rededicate themselves to the service of the people.

Let us forge a united front, working hand in hand to tackle the pressing issues such as insecurity, economic challenges, and social inequalities that hinder our progress.

Together, we can overcome these obstacles and write a new chapter in Nigeria’s history. Let us create a legacy of meaningful change, where the voices of the citizens are not only heard but also translated into concrete action.

On this momentous occasion, let us rekindle the spirit of unity, hope, and patriotism. As we celebrate our independence, let us envision a Nigeria where leadership and citizens walk hand in hand, fueled by a shared desire for progress and prosperity.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! May our nation continue to thrive and prosper under the guidance of leaders who prioritize the well-being and aspirations of the people.

Long Live, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Thank you, and God bless the citizens of Nigeria!

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