Governor Otu’s One Year In Office: The Journey and Gains So Far.

Governor Otu’s One Year In Office: The Journey & Gains So Far

By Eaga Dassom – Calabar

May 29th, 2024, marks exactly one year since His Excellency Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu was sworn in as the Governor of Cross River State.

His Excellency, Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu – Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria

I am pleased to report that Governor Otu’s first year in office has seen the initiation and commencement of major projects across various sectors, projects that hold the potential to transform the economy of Cross River State and provide its citizens with a renewed sense of hope and progress.

To enhance healthcare in the state, Governor Otu has approved the construction of the General Hospital Complex in Ikom. This initiative aims to improve access to healthcare for residents of Ikom and its surrounding areas, thereby alleviating the burden on the General Hospital Complex in Calabar.

In the realm of education, Governor Otu is focused on the training and retraining of teachers, ensuring they are well-equipped to nurture our children and prepare them for future challenges. The State Library Complex, long neglected, is now undergoing a significant transformation under his dynamic leadership.

Infrastructure development has also been a priority, with an aggressive push for the construction of roads, culverts, and bridges to better connect all parts of the state and facilitate economic activities.

The previously poor and deteriorating road infrastructure hindered both human and vehicular movement, making it difficult to transport agricultural produce from rural areas to urban centers.

With the recent approval by the State Executive Council for road construction and rehabilitation in selected local governments across the senatorial districts and Calabar, farmers who have struggled to move their yields to urban markets will now find relief.

Another promising initiative is the provision of water to every home across the state, spearheaded by the Cross River State Water Board Ltd and the State Ministry of Water Resources.

The remodeling and renovation of the Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort aim to reestablish Cross River State as a premier destination for tourism and international conferences. Revamping the previously dormant Calabar International Conference Centre (CICC) is expected to boost the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and create jobs for our youth.

It is heartening to note that Cross River pensioners and workers no longer face delays in receiving their salaries and gratuities.

Governor Otu has also shown a strong commitment to addressing the security challenges facing the state. Efforts are ongoing to combat the troublemakers causing unrest, with the support of security agencies. The Governor’s strategies are set to make Cross River a difficult terrain for all classes of criminals.

Despite Cross River no longer being an oil-producing state, Governor Otu is using the state’s limited resources to effect positive change and place Cross River on a path of sustainable and irreversible progress.

As we reflect on the past year, it is clear that Governor Otu’s leadership is laying a solid foundation for the future prosperity of Cross River State.

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