HRWF send SOS to the Federal Government of Nigeria as citizens are adopted by the neighbouring Cameroonian:

The Human Rights Watch and Youths Empowerment Foundation Nigeria have alerted the security operatives of the federal government of Nigeria for the rescue of the worst situation that is happening in the border communities of Cross River State Nigeria.

The Secretary-General of the foundation, Dr. Unimuke Saint Valentine, confirmed the adoption of the traditional Ruler of Belegete in Obanliku LGA and his lifeless body was found days after the invading of the community by the Cameroon Separatists of the Anglophone.

When reaching out to the president of the Human Rights Watch Foundation of Nigeria Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple who spoke from Europe at the moment due to call of duty, said he understand that the communities of Obudu and Obanliku are facing concerns about potential invasions from neighboring Cameroon, leading to the adoption of Nigerian citizens.

It is indeed important to address such security issues immediately.

Amb. Godwin Apple, has earlier contacted the Head of Security department in Obudu Local Authority Mr. Fred Ugbong, Report the situation and confirm that the security situation in Belegete up the Obudu Cattle Ranch is not comfortable.

The Abazonia separatist group from southern Cameroon invaded the Belegete community at night few days back, burn down houses and abducted their Chief who was later found dead. This has prompted the HRWF to send a SOS message to the Nigeria security and the federal government of Nigeria. We shall also notify other traditional rulers and Community Leaders, inform local leaders about the situation, as they can play a crucial role in raising awareness and contacting relevant government agencies on behalf of the communities.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, said it will be OK to reach out to Political Representatives, contact their elected representatives, such as senators or members of parliament, to explain the urgency of the situation and request their intervention.

They can advocate for the community’s protection at the federal level.

The HRWF will continue to engage inthe situation as a Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Seek collaboration from reputable NGOs working on human rights, conflict resolution, or international relations. They may be able to offer guidance, resources, or connections to address concerns.

Remember, it is essential to provide detailed and accurate information regarding the situation, including evidence or documentation if available. Stay vigilant, maintain open communication within your community, and seek assistance from relevant authorities to ensure your safety and security. This he said as he asked the Secretary-General to continue with the job.

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