Impeachment demands due process both at the international and local politics, the legislative members needs consultation with stakeholders, to be powerful enough to impeach leaders:

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, Nigeria Diaspora Peace Ambassador to Finland.

In politics, both on an international and local level, the power to impeach leaders typically lies with legislative members.

Prince Bassey Edet Otu, Gov. of Cross River State

However, without the involvement of other stakeholders such as the (political parties officials) the judiciary, civil society, or the public, the legislative members may not have enough power to successfully impeach a leader. Amb. Agim Godwin said to the Cross River State House of Assembly Members.

This is because impeachment processes often require broad support and legitimacy from various sectors of society in order to effectively hold leaders accountable for their actions. The lack of collaboration and support from other stakeholders can undermine the impeachment process and limit the legislative members’ ability to remove leaders from office.

The abuse of impeachment powers by legislative bodies in Nigeria is a concerning issue that undermines the democratic process and poses a threat to good governance.

The situation you described in the Cross River State House of Assembly highlights the challenges faced when impeachment processes are used for personal or political gain rather than for the benefit of the citizens.

It is important for legislative bodies to adhere to established rules and procedures when considering impeachment actions to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability. In cases where there are allegations of improper removal or abuse of power, it is crucial for the appropriate authorities, such as the judiciary or oversight bodies, to investigate and intervene to uphold the rule of law and protect the democratic process.

Amb. Godwin Apple, told the house members to remember that citizens play a vital role in holding their representatives accountable and ensuring that legislative actions are in the best interest of the public. Transparency, integrity, and adherence to democratic principles are essential for strengthening governance and fostering public trust in the political system.

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