In Benue state,a Mother of Two were Arrested for Allegedly Stealing a Goat

A young woman was arrested in Gboko, Benue State, on suspicion of stealing a goat.

Details of the incident are unknown, but she was arrested a few days ago.

In a post on Sunday, December 3, 2023, one Ahar Gal said he spoke with the woman, adding that she is a single mother of two.

He also revealed that several people have expressed interest in helping the woman either get a job or start a business

The saga of the stolen goat. She does not have a phone, so we reached out to her through a friend from middle school in the neighborhood who lives on Tom-Ahaa Street in Gboko. Tomorrow morning, we will seek out that friend and check in with her via video call. Please help her to stop both the remote and immediate causes of this ugly act. Even if it is a mini-business for her. Meanwhile, she has two children without a husband.

If you know this woman directly, please let me send you her account details for the 5k support from Ahar-Galu Jnr Tv. I would also like to know if she is qualified for SSCE or higher. As the youngest child of a very loved and spoiled late mother who passed away when I could not buy her an ice fish #100, I have genuine care and love for any mother and any woman worth being a mother at any age.

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