Integrate with Students of other ethnic Groups & Associations, ‘Comrade Obedience’ urges newly admitted Students:

Integrate With Students of Other Ethnic Groups & Associations, Comrade Obedience Urges Newly Admitted Students

Prof. Florence Banku Obi – Vice-chancellor, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

In a bid to national integration and promote unity in diversity, the President of the Postgraduate Students’ Government (PGSG), Comrade Obedience Abeng, has called on newly admitted Postgraduate Students to integrate with students of other ethnic groups and associations within and outside campus.

Comrade Obedience Abeng – President of the Postgraduate Students’ Government (PGSG), University of Calabar.

He delivered the message on April 30, 2024, during the Post-Graduate School Orientation for Newly Admitted Students (2022-2023 Academic Session), at the International Conference Centre, University of Calabar.

In his speech, Comrade Abeng, emphasized the importance of embracing diversity and building meaningful connections across various ethnic backgrounds; highlighting the enriching experience that comes from engaging with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

In his address, the Dean of Postgraduate School, Prof. Eyong Ubana, emphasized the importance of aligning schedules with the school’s academic calendar to newly admitted students. This directive is part of broader efforts aimed at ensuring timely completion of academic programs and reducing the likelihood of prolonged study durations.

Additionally, the school’s accountant, Dr John Owan, provided students with a comprehensive breakdown of the fee schedule and other financial obligations. These fees are payable through online platforms or other electronic payment methods, ensuring convenient and efficient transactions for students.

By promoting integration and encouraging involvement in students association, Comrade Abeng, aims to create a harmonious environment where students can learn from each other’s diverse experience and background. By embracing multiculturalism and building bridges across ethnic divides, students can contribute to a vibrant and harmonious atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


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