JUST IN: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple called on the CRSHA to promulgate a law that will stop the deforestation of the state forests:

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Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple called on the Cross River State House of Assembly, to promulgate a law that will stop the deforestation of the state forests and promote environmental friendly activities through Beekeeping and oil palms plantation.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, experts on Apicultural Development and plant species Crossbreeding.

It is a commendable initiative by Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple to call on the Cross River State parliament to enact a law to combat deforestation in the state forests.

Ambassador Agim Godwin, who spoke as his key word while celebrating the 2023 independence anniversary of Nigeria, said, deforestation can have severe environmental and social consequences, including biodiversity loss, soil erosion, climate change, bee colonies diminishing and disruption of local communities.

Implementing a law to prevent deforestation in Cross River State, would be a step in the right direction towards sustainable forestry practices and the protection of natural resources, in Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu ‘s led administration.

It could include measures such as:prohibition of illegal logging:

Implementing strict regulations to enforce against unauthorized tree felling and the trafficking of timber.

This will go along with reforestation and afforestation programs, encouraging the planting of trees to counterbalance the loss of forests, restore degraded areas, and maintain biodiversity.

A sustainable forest management and promoting responsible logging practices, ensuring proper utilization of forest resources while maintaining forest ecosystems.

Strengthening forest protection agencies as the Cross River State Forestry Commission and the Forest Management Committee FMC in all the communities in the state, providing adequate resources and support to the agencies responsible for monitoring and patrolling the state forests to curb illegal activities effectively.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, promised to incorporate the bee farming advocacy with the forests protection awareness campaigns and educating the public about the importance of forests, the benefits they provide, and the need to protect them for future generations.

It’s crucial for the Cross River State parliamentary members to take Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple’s call seriously and work towards enacting a comprehensive law that will addresses deforestation.

Comrade Odey Oyama, Environmental Activist

Collaborating with environmental experts, such as Comrade Odey Oyama and others, local communities, and relevant stakeholders to create and implement such a law would be instrumental in preserving the state’s forests and ensuring sustainable development in the long run.


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