NATURE: Mayr’s Honeyeaters are back to the Birds Planet.

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Over a decade before the sighting of Mayr’s honeyeater again in the planet earth.

The peaks near to the Cyclops Mountains, our expedition spotted a pair of Mayr’s honeyeaters and captured the first-ever video footage of this lively bird, after last seen since 2007.

The mayr’s honeyeater bird, or Myzomela boiei, is a small and colorful bird species presently suspected to be among the Leventis Bird Watch Park at the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State Nigeria.

Here are some descriptions of the mayr’s honeyeater which you may come across within Obudu, Boki and Akankpa forests.

The size of Mayr’s honeyeaters are typically small birds, measuring about 11-12 centimeters (4.3-4.7 inches) in length.

Plumage: Male mayr’s honeyeaters have striking and distinctive plumage. They display bright red feathers on their head, throat, chest, and upper back, contrasting with their black wings and tail.

The rest of their body is typically black or dark grey.

Female plumage: Female mayr’s honeyeaters have more subdued coloration.

They are mostly grey or olive-brown overall, with a paler throat and chest compared to males.

Behavior: Mayr’s honeyeaters are energetic and agile in flight, often seen darting among the branches as they forage for food, try not to give a shock behavior.

Their Habitat: These birds are endemic to the islands of Yapen, Biak, and Numfor in Indonesia originally.

They inhabit forested areas and can be found in lowland rainforests, secondary growth, and even in gardens, BeeFarms or plantations.

Their diet as honeyeaters, they primarily feed on nectar from flowers. They also consume insects and fruits as part of their diet.

Vocalizations: Mayr’s honeyeaters are known for their melodic and varied calls, which can include chirps, trills, and soft warbles.

Mayr’s honeyeater is a visually striking bird with its vibrant red and black plumage, and it plays an important role in pollinating plants as it feeds on nectar.

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