Nigeria can achieve peace and security through Sports & Youths activities: -Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple.

Amb. Engr. Agim Godwin Apple

Investing and organising youths and sports activities will bring unity and security to Nigeria. Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple told the federal government.

The Nigeria Diaspora Peace Ambassador to Finland under the UPF General Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, made the following suggestion to the Federal Government of Nigeria for the interest of peaceful coexistence among the people of Nigeria.

He emphasized the importance of investing in and organizing youth and sports activities as a means to foster unity and security in Nigeria. Ambassador Apple believes that such activities can serve as a platform for bringing people from different backgrounds and ethnicities together, promoting understanding, tolerance, and cooperation.

Additionally, he highlighted the potential of sports activities to divert the attention of young people from engaging in negative behaviors or participating in conflicts. By providing them with constructive outlets and opportunities for self-expression and development, Nigeria can reduce the likelihood of violence and social unrest.

Ambassador Godwin Apple, also proposed that the government collaborate with international organizations, such as the United Nations, to facilitate the implementation of these initiatives. By leveraging the resources and expertise of such organizations, Nigeria can enhance its capacity to create inclusive and impactful youth and sports programs.

Overall, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, a free born of Obudu LGA in Cross River State, believes that investing in and organizing youth and sports activities is a strategic approach that can contribute to the unity and security of Nigeria.

By engaging young people and providing them with positive experiences and opportunities for personal growth, Nigeria can cultivate a generation of empowered individuals who are more inclined towards peaceful coexistence and productive engagement in society.

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