NIGERIA: Hon. Kingsley Ntui Unveils Economic Team, Launch Etung Development Plan

By Ndifon Joseph – Calabar

The greatest asset of the Etung community lies in its unity. Etung is blessed with a common language, Ejagham, which fosters understanding and cohesion,”

In a bid to propel economic growth and development in Etung Local Government Area of Cross River State, the Member representing Etung State Constituency, Hon. Kingsley Ntui, has unveiled a comprehensive Economic Team and launched a Strategic Development Plan.

The Development Plan, unveiled alongside the team: “Etung Economic Development Team,” on April 24, 2024, outlines a roadmap for harnessing the abundant natural resources and human potentials of Etung Local Government Area.

In his opening address, the Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly (CRSHA), Rt Hon. Elvert Ayambem, conveyed gratitude to the residents of Etung for their selection of Hon. Ntui.

“I warmly extend my appreciation to the people of Etung for electing my colleague, Hon. Kingsley Ntui, to represent them in the Cross River State House of Assembly. Often, when we send representatives, there’s a noticeable gap and disconnection. However, this initiative clearly demonstrates that your elected member truly cares about your interests. Today serves as a model for the Cross River State and the 10th Assembly.”

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He went on to commend the people for their remarkable commitment to peace and harmonious coexistence, highlighting the significance of unity.

“Previously, the mention of ‘Etung’ often evoked thoughts of violence, but lately, thanks to divine intervention and effective leadership, incidents of conflict or violence have become rare. This indicates the remarkable efforts of our leadership in guiding the community.”

“The greatest asset of the Etung community lies in its unity. Etung is blessed with a common language, Ejagham, which fosters understanding and cohesion,” he emphasized.

Inaugurating the team, Hon. Ntui portrayed the initiative as a fresh concept and a burgeoning business center within the state.

“I am delighted to present this momentous occasion to you, marking the birth of a new brand: Etung. Undoubtedly, Etung signifies not just a locality but also an emerging epicenter for commerce and enterprise within the state, given its vast potential for economic expansion and progress.”

“The strategic positioning of Etung along the Trans-African Highway corridor, seamlessly linking regional and international trade routes, has endowed it with numerous advantages that demand immediate attention and exploitation.”

The terms of reference include, conducting research and analysis to identify economic opportunities and challenges, develop strategies and initiatives to attract investment and foster entrepreneurship, and facilitate partnership between government, business, academia, and other stakeholders to support economic development, etc.

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