Nigeria Police coiled Kidnapper at the tail-end of his operation:

By: Amb. Agim Godwin Apple /

Kidnapper arrested while attempting to collect ransom by Police operatives

The Adamawa State Police Command spokesperson, SP Suleiman Nguroje confirmed the arrest on Tuesday.

He said the suspect was arrested following a report by one Alhaji Yahya Congo and Abraham Paul, who confirmed that the suspect called them via phone and demanded the sum of N600,000 or risk being kidnapped.

Hintusmedia in Finland, confirm that :The arrest of the kidnapper, Roland Raymond, is a significant achievement by the police operatives. It is commendable that the victims reported the incident to the police, which led to the swift action taken by the authorities.

The collaborative effort between the police and local hunters is also worth mentioning, as it demonstrates the importance of community involvement in fighting crime.

Now that the suspect is in custody, a thorough investigation can take place to gather evidence and build a strong case against him. Once the investigation is complete, the suspect will be charged and presented before the court. This ensures that justice is served and provides a sense of security for the victims and their families.

It’s crucial that law enforcement continues to be vigilant and proactive in combating such heinous crimes. Public cooperation and timely reporting of incidents are instrumental in apprehending criminals and protecting the community.

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