NIGERIA: The Idle Bridge of the central Town of Adiabo onwards the unbridged cities of Creek Town, Ikoneto, and Akpap Ókoyong


From the central Town of Adiabo onwards the unbridged cities of Creek Town, Ikoneto, and Akpap Ókoyong came the deafening echoes from the toil of their fat journey-budget to the outer world.

The inner homelands of The Great and The Mighty, Kings and Queens with efikly mannered aristocratic mien bear these pains in their minds as a people left to their fate.

It came to them in an era like no other in our historical timeline, a beautiful vision gave birth to the people’s dream to bridge their towns, people, places, culture and home-clans in style. Adiabo Bridge, a welcomed gift to a distinct district, a skill-craft of steel and concrete, stretches gracefully across the twerking water, its arches reaching for the heavens like silent prayers.

Bathed in the warm hues of the setting sun, this architectural marvel stood for human creativity, ingenuity and ambition.

Yet, it leads to nowhere, as the sun collapses in the bottom of the west, the night descends and darkness rents the beautiful bridge without a flashlight or an earthly steam. No one seems to care about its loneliness more so its unfinished tasks are left to die in the minds of its optimists.

A bridge suspended in splendid isolation only neighboured by the water underneath, friendly birds around and the droplets of the morning dews above.

Built amidst the cry for a shortcut but now in the middle of a motionless swarm-head that has held the people’s hope for a better road in and out of the divides.

Adiabo Bridge has transformed into a concerto soloist in the middle of the breezy breeze, covered by the blue sky and beside the humming swarm, singing for help from its lovers at home and afar.

The soft moonlight caresses its sleek lines, casting shadows that dance in rhythm with the gentle breeze.

The bridge becomes a board where the blind baths hang their flappy sack of wealth, feeding and painting their enigmatic footprint against the pillars while the night sky strolls by with dreams and aspirations.

In its quiet grandeur, Adiabo Bridge whispers tales of untaken journeys and uncharted destinies. Amidst the serenity of Adiabo’s Bridge existence, a poignant reflection dwells thereof, the beauty of a bridge is in the busyness of its pedestrian path and the occupied lanes. In its untouched solitude, neither Adiabo nor her brothers have received the conceived blessings of the envisioned bridge.

Admirers called taking shots of its beauty and visitors walked its side going nowhere. The essence of both desire and the mystery of abandonment pricks the soul of goodwill and journey minds.

Those who gaze upon it do ponder the metaphoric intricacies of a structure suspended between dreams and the vast emptiness of the unknown.

There are 21 questions from the 21 clans on what is keeping the bridge idle and virgin. What happens to the road ahead of the bridgehead? Who can deflower this ancient route? What is holding its stay? Is the will of men ebbing? Who holds the tools? What fuels this silence?


Yours Brotherly
Ekpenyong, Nsa

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