Northern Group Threatens to Halt Food Supply to Southern region

Nigeria’s Northern Consensus Movement has declared that it will halt food supplies from the North to the South.

The group made this threat after Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho), an agitator of the Yoruba ethnic group, notified the Fulani people to vacate Yorubaland within 10 days.

The group also declared that it will do everything in its power to stop the move, adding that if the threat continues, it will force Yoruba people living in the northern part of the country to leave the area.

The group’s president, Awal Aliyu, made this warning at a press conference on Thursday, November 2. A video of this press conference went viral.

Just recently, Sunday Igboho was released from prison, but he has issued a new ultimatum to the Fulani community in Yorubaland to leave the area within seven days.

The group said, “This time, we, the Northern Nigeria Consensus Movement, will do everything in our power to stop the move, and if Igboho does not listen to him, we will have no choice but to ask the Yoruba people living in Northern Nigeria to return to their own communities as well

The group also demanded compensation for the victims of the ENDSARs killings, the Shasha Akinyele market, and the IPOB/ESN killings.

They gave a four-week ultimatum, stating that they would launch a nationwide protest and halt all food supplies to the southern region.

They said, “We have been pursuing the issue of compensation for the victims of the ENDSARS killings, the SASA-Akinyele market killings, and the IPOB and ESN killings for several years now. Since the last administration, many promises have been made, but the federal government has refused to fulfill them.

We are therefore giving President Bola Tinubu a four-week ultimatum to do something about it. If nothing is done, we intend to stage a peaceful protest and then stop all food supplies from the north to the south.

We have been sending this demand and request to the president since before he was elected. All the governors of the 19 northern states, all the former leaders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, all the former presidents, especially those from the north, know this.

We know the traditional councils of the North, we know the councils of the 19 Northern states.”

The group also called on Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-cultural group, to give orders to Sunday Igboho.

In October, Igboho gave a seven-day ultimatum to Fulani Hardmen in the Southwest to walk away from the killings of farmers in Oyo and Ogun states.

Igboho said the warning was crucial in ensuring that they would not be forced to break the law by their own hands.

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