Our eyes are on illegal oil bunkering in Niger-Delta, Nigeria: -Ijaw Movement Commander.

Gen. Gabriel AsabujaHead of Operations (MEND)

The Head of Operations of the Niger-Delta Movement and CEO of Asabuja Entertainment, Gen. Gabriel Asabuja was out in Port-Harcourt, Saturday with his boys. This time, a message to the oil merchants, he said.

Our movement is closely monitoring the issue of illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

This is not an issue of standing against the government, but the oil criminals. Illegal oil bunkering refers to the unauthorized extraction, refining, and sale of crude oil, usually conducted by criminal syndicates.

This illicit activity has had severe environmental, economic, and social impacts on the entire Southern region of Nigeria.

The Niger Delta, known for its vast oil reserves, has been the epicenter of Nigeria’s oil industry. Unfortunately, the presence of illegal oil bunkering has exacerbated the already existing challenges faced by the local communities.

The illegal activities often involve the sabotage of oil pipelines and the illegal tapping of crude oil from pipelines and storage facilities, leading to the release of oil into the environment.

This has had devastating effects on the local ecosystem, including pollution of water bodies, destruction of farmlands, and loss of biodiversity.

Furthermore, illegal oil bunkering has had significant economic consequences for Nigeria. The stolen crude oil is often sold on the black market, resulting in massive revenue losses for the government.

These financial losses have hindered the country’s development and have contributed to the perpetuation of poverty in the region.

The Movement for the Emancipation the Niger Delta is working in collaboration with local communities, government agencies, and international partners to address the issue of illegal oil bunkering.

If we found you involved, means you are an enemy.

We are actively engaging in advocacy, awareness campaigns, and capacity building initiatives to combat this illicit activity. We are also advocating for stronger law enforcement and enhanced regulations to deter those involved in illegal oil bunkering.

Safeguarding the Niger Delta from the harmful effects of illegal oil bunkering is crucial for the sustainable development of both the region and Nigeria as a whole.

By keeping a watchful eye on this issue, we aim to contribute to the restoration of the region’s environment, the improvement of socio-economic conditions, and the promotion of a legal, transparent, and accountable oil industry.

We call on the Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Bayalsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo States to be at forefront of the exercise.

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