Passport application automation will launch in a week, according to the interior minister

Interior Minister Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo said the automation of the passport application process would begin “next week”.

Tunji-Ojo told Nigerians in an interview with Channels Television Politics Today on October 4 that for the first time, citizens would be able to use the facility from December. On Tuesday, November 28, he returned to the program and revealed that the technology is “99% ready”. He said: “Basically we have finished testing and we will launch it in about a week. As I said, this will ensure that every Nigerian has work at the immigration centre. The passport center has biometrics, fingerprints etc.

When asked if Nigerians can fill the application form from home, Tunji-Ojo said: “Of course!” he answered.

He said this includes uploading a passport photo and uploading supporting documents. “I went beyond it. I actually went through it. “I was supposed to go live two weeks ago, but when I came to pitch, I saw the mistake and said, ‘You know that can’t happen,'” he said.

We’re talking about balancing national security and opportunity. It must be the center. Enhanced security shouldn’t bother you. “You have to find a meeting place that provides safety and comfort.”

The minister also reiterated his commitment to install electronic gates at all international airports in Nigeria by February 2024

If you are a Nigerian and once you come to Nigeria, you cannot deal with immigration officers unless you are a person of interest,” he said.

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