Political Summit: Planning Committee Seeks Insights From Special Adviser on Asset Management & Recovery

By Ndifon Joseph – Calabar

In preparation for the highly anticipated Cross River Central Political Summit, the planning committee on April 9, 2024, engaged in extensive consultations with key stakeholders to ensure the event’s success.

One crucial figure at the forefront of these discussions is Barrister Gilbert N. Agbor, the Special Adviser on Asset Management and Recovery to the Governor of Cross River State. His expertise and insights promise to enrich the summit’s discourse.

Barrister Agbor is scheduled to address the theme, “The Place of Central in Cross River State Politics: Reviewing the Performance of Political Office Holders.” He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table as a seasoned legal practitioner and astute political analyst.

Speaking on behalf of the planning committee, Comrade Ejeh Peter described the purpose of their visit and praised Barrister Agbor as a highly respected individual with a longstanding reputation.

“We’re here to discuss the Cross River Central Political Summit and its theme, ‘The Place of Central in Cross River State Politics: Reviewing the Performance of Political Office Holders.’ Your input and support are essential to the success of the event, given your experience and standing in the Central Senatorial District.”

In his response, Barrister Agbor urged the youth to reject all forms of violence in the state’s political arena.

“Let’s focus on promoting a constructive and violence-free political environment to create a healthy state and society. We must also engage in meaningful entrepreneurial ventures to avoid overreliance on politics.”

“As young people, it is crucial to take advantage of the various entrepreneurial and agricultural policies and initiatives offered by Governor Bassey Edet Otu’s administration,” he added.

The summit seeks to review the performance of past and present political office holders, assess their effectiveness and outcomes, and promote better governance practic

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