RELATIONSHIP: When separation and Social distances among marriage Couples become necessary.

By: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple

As the marriage vows echo on “for better and for worse” till death do us part or “for what God has joined together, let no man put asunder” It is important to note that circumstances are also super natural.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, HealthCARE professional and Social Services, wrote:

Maintaining social distance within a marriage is not typically necessary, as a marriage is based on a foundation of sharing love, companionship, and support.

However, there are specific circumstances where social distancing becomes necessary for the overall well-being of both individuals or others around them. These circumstances could include:

Health conditions: If one of the partners is ill or has a contagious disease, it may be necessary to maintain social distance temporarily to prevent transmission until they recover.

Do not take any risk to claim the level of love for him or her, temporary separation has to be done and not even the church pastor should force you on this.

Travel or exposure: If one partner has been exposed to a contagious illness while traveling or being in a high-risk environment, it might be advisable to exercise caution and maintain some distance for a period of time.

The issue of COVID-19 for instance.

Quarantine or isolation: In situations where one partner needs to quarantine or isolate due to potential exposure or testing positive for a contagious disease, maintaining distance may be required as per healthcare guidelines.

Mental health: If there are significant issues affecting one partner’s mental health, there might be times when they need some personal space, but this should be approached with open communication and understanding.

It’s important to note that while these circumstances may require temporary social distancing, maintaining open communication, empathy, and finding ways to support each other are crucial for maintaining a healthy and strong relationship.

If you have specific concerns or situations, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or counselor who can offer personalized guidance within your region.

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