SCAM ALERTS: Calling on Nigerian citizens to ignore notification for online zoom meetings:

BY: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple/GlobalPeaceEnvoy/1012/20/4

Revealed to the Ambassadorial designate of the Universal Peace Federation UPF in a similar link on Africa today. Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, General Consultative Status on Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

He advised, “Do not attend to the notification for an online meeting by any group that you belong to on social media community.”

It’s a Scam, Fraud and Scam, do not get code numbers sent to your phone and forwarded to someone whom you don’t know. You should create limitations and promote the safety of your gadget. He said.

There is a massive hack of WhatsApp groups ongoing in Nigeria since June 1, 2023.

  1. You receive a call stating with greeting and asking of your family well-being, then they’ll tell you how they got your got your information from an actual group you belong to.
  2. They will ask if you are aware of a zoom meeting coming online by 6 pm. or any other quoted time. They want to help in registering you in the attendance list. He you gotten a code? A code will be sent to you as we are talking, look at your screen, read out the code to me for joint registration.
  3. You will receive an alert on your phone with a 6 digit pin which they will ask you to give to them.
  4. Once you give them that pin or accept the link to share phone screen; they automatically have same access to your phone as you.
  5. They will just send an sms or call to your bank & start making 100k withdrawals daily till you block the account.
  6. Once you receive a strange call following points 1-3, simply end the call and block the caller.
  7. Blocking your WhatsApp group, suspecting fellow members, or even leaving the group is meaningless, they don’t call with a number of anyone on that group. It’s a WhatsApp system weakness that has to be fixed by the Meta group.

Share the information pls.

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