Security stability, Youths empowerment, and agriculture are my major political priorities for the people of Cross River North in Nigeria. -Dr. Martin Orim

Chief Dr. Martin Orim

At the meeting of the African Development Concepts Ry. in Finland recently, hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple in collaboration with the CEO of GFO Foundation, Chief Dr. Martin Orim, and the Director of AFDEVCO NIGERIA LIMITED an Agro-Forest Company operating in Nigeria, Germany and Finland. Mr. Ignatius Oli, Barr. Madge Odey was in attendance as secretary.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, UPF General Consultative Status on Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

Speaking on the way forward for the Apicultural Development and the sustainability of Agriculture through mechanisms in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Mr. Ignatius Oli, Afdevco Agro-Forest Nigeria Limited, Oil Palms extension programme Asia to Nigeria.

The floor of the day was given to Chief Martin Orim, as he expresses his opinion towards his political movement for the people of Cross River North senatorial and the state in general.

His Excellency, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, thank Chief Dr. Orim, for outlining his major political priorities for the people of Cross River North in Nigeria.

Dr. Orim, addressing security stability, Youths empowerment, and agriculture, said these are crucial for the overall development and well-being of the region.

Dr. Martins, said he will ensuring the safety and security of the people, for that is of utmost importance.

It is crucial to promote and strengthen law enforcement agencies, improve intelligence gathering systems, and enhance community policing initiatives as a messenger of the people of Cross River North.

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders, such as the police, local leaders, and community members, will help tackle issues of crime, insurgency, and other security challenges in the region especially the areas neighbouring with the Benue and other states.

On the issue of Youths Empowerment, I will empower the Youths to an essential for sustainable development and the future of Cross River North.

By focusing on education, skills development, and job creation, we can equip young people with the tools they need to thrive.

Implementing vocational training programs, which easing has been ongoing at the GFO Foundation under my 100% equity, mentorship opportunities, and supporting entrepreneurship initiatives will help unlock the potential of the Youths and reduce unemployment rates in the Cross River Northern senatorial zone.

We all know that Agriculture and Apiculture plays a vital role in the economy of Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole.

I Chief Dr. Martin Orim, well tell you today that it’s my willingness to invest in modern agricultural techniques, providing farmers with access to credit and information, and promoting agribusiness opportunities, where we can boost productivity, improve food security, and generate sustainable income for farmers.

Additionally, encouraging the cultivation of diverse crops and exploring agricultural innovations can help minimize the impact of climate change on the sector, for this reason, I will support the farmers within with the free supply planting inputs of improve species of oil palms suckers beginning from the first rain of 2024.

To effectively prioritize and address these issues, we will as a body, the GFO Foundation, engage with local communities, conduct thorough research, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders.

Listening to the concerns and aspirations of the people of Cross River North is essential in formulating policies that benefit them.

By taking a comprehensive approach and allocating resources strategically, we can work towards achieving security stability, Youths empowerment, and agricultural growth in the region.

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