Senator Sandy Onor Commissions and Donates Modern Guest House to His Community in Etung LGA:

Senator Sandy Onor Commissions and Donates Modern Guest House to His Community

By Ndifon Joseph – Etung

In a remarkable contribution to his community, an illustrious son, Senator Prof. Sandy O. Onor, has donated a state-of-the-art Guest House providing comfortable accommodation for visitors.

He made the donation while commissioning the edifice on April 12, 2024, a gesture that reflects his dedication to the betterment of his community and the development of the area he once described as ‘The negative side of geography.’

At the unveiling ceremony

Speaking during the unveiling, Senator Onor explained the delay in completing the project as being due to the disparity between the budgeted allocation for the project and the actual costs of implementation, particularly in rural areas.

“This is the guest house that we built in our period at the Senate for the community. You know usually, when you give a contractor the impression that you want the project in your community, he doesn’t know where the community is located. So, he takes conventional prizes and by the time he comes and finds out that he will need to spend two times more than he would need to ordinarily, it becomes a problem. So he couldn’t finish it and I understood. This finish was done by me with my personal resources.”

He also mentioned the influence of the passing of the late Prof. Wilfred Okey Ndifon, a respected member of the community, on the expedited completion of the project.

“It was also fast-tracked by the fact of the passing of Prof. Ndifon. His wife had called me to say they would like to make use of the guest house. And I said, we have not yet finished it, but because of the respect I have for Prof. Ndifon and because the guest house must be completed for the benefit of the Nsofang community, I used the period to fast-track the process,” he concluded.

“I am very delighted to see the guest house the way it is and I would like to thank the Town Council Chairman particularly, and the Clan Head, because when I sent Egom here he told me they were permanently here ensuring that things were done properly.”

Responding on behalf of the community, Mr. Terrence Ndifon Okey, the Town Council Chairman, expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the community.

“I want to thank God for His wonders and thank Senator Prof. Sandy Ojang Onor for all he has done, continues to do, and will do in the future. We are also thankful to his wife, Barr. (Mrs.) Gertrude Manyo-Sandy Onor, for her support. The people of Nsofang are truly grateful.”

“This celebration could have been more elaborate, but out of respect for the passing of our esteemed Prof. Ndifon, we chose to keep it modest. I also want to acknowledge everyone who worked hard to bring this project to fruition. Special thanks go to Prof. Onor’s Personal Assistant, Mr. Egom Erim, who did an excellent job, and to the Clan Head, who provided unwavering support,” he concluded.

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