Taraba state commissioner for Social Justice Amb. Filister received the HRWF National Coordinator, conclude plans for the eradication of Child abuse and Girl-child molestation:

Amb. Dr. Irarimam Filister Musa and Asso. Prof. Florence Undiyaundeye at the convocation ceremony of the Federal University Wukari, after the courtesy call in her office.

The National Coordinator of Programmes for the Human Rights Watch and Youths Empowerment Foundation HRWF Nigeria, Associate Professor Florence Undiyaundeye, make a familiarisation visit the Hon. Commissioner for Social Justice in Taraba state, Amb. Dr. Filister Irarimam Musa, in her office.

they discussed the need for increased awareness and sensitization campaigns on child rights and protection. They agreed to collaborate on organizing workshops, conferences, and seminars to educate parents, teachers, and community leaders on the importance of child protection.

The two humanitarian activists made a good plan of activities that will help tackle the child abuses and girl child molestation globally.

Both parties have agreed to the idea of the HRWF president, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, for the establishment of the “Child Protection Services” as a paramilitary force in the country.

Additionally, the National Coordinator of HRWF Nigeria, Asso Prof. Florence Undiyaundeye proposed the idea of establishing safe houses and rehabilitation centers for survivors of child abuse and molestation. They discussed the need for specialized medical, psychological, and legal services for these survivors to ensure their holistic recovery.

The Hon. Commissioner for Social Justice Amb. Dr. Filister Irarimam Musa, expressed her support for these initiatives and pledged the commitment of the Taraba state government in tackling child abuses and girl child molestation. She emphasized the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration in addressing these issues.

Both parties agreed to work together closely to secure funding and resources for the implementation of these activities. They also acknowledged the need to engage with traditional and religious leaders to change cultural norms that perpetuate child abuses.

The meeting ended on a positive note, with both parties reiterating their commitment to the protection of children’s rights and the eradication of child abuses and girl child molestation. They recognized the importance of sustained efforts and long-term strategies to achieve meaningful change in society.


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