Telecom Companies Advocate for increase of Tariff

The Association of Nigerian Telecommunications Operators (ALTON) has hinted at an increase in telecommunications rates throughout Nigeria.

ALTON President Gbenga Adebayo, speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting with Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Vice Chairman Aminu Maida on Thursday, November 16, said that with rising operating costs, a review of rates should be considered. He also stated that telecommunications carriers are responsible for as many as 52 taxes across the country.

He stated that

The current rate structure is no longer sustainable. In other words, I don’t see how the sector can be sustained under the current circumstances

Adebayo urged the EVC to intervene in the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) debt of the Depository Banks (DMBs), which currently stands at N200 billion, and the association will not hesitate to prevent the debtor banks from accessing the service, so the total debt must be paid He noted that the Association will not hesitate to prevent the debtor bank from accessing services and therefore must pay the total debt.

He assured the NCC and EVC of the support of the industry stakeholders, adding that it is important to establish a timeline for the resolution reached at this meeting.

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