The CSI Group Coordinator Comr. Odumala Olufemi warned Lagos residents on indiscriminate crossing as defaulters will be arrested and punished.

Pedestrians arrested across Lagos Metropolitan axis for crossing the expressway instead of using the pedestrian bridge after are warned.

Odumala Olufemi, the Director-General of the Crime & Safety units of the Lagos Metropolitan axis, has issued a strong warning to city dwellers regarding the violation of pedestal crossings. He emphasized that individuals found guilty of this offense will face arrest and subsequent punishment.

Comr. Odumala Olufemi CSI Boss

Pedestal crossings commonly refer to designated areas or footbridges designed to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians across busy roads or junctions. These crossings are crucial in preventing accidents and safeguarding the lives of pedestrians.

Amb. Agim Godwin Apple CSI Spokesperson

Violations of pedestal crossings often occur due to negligence or disregard for traffic laws, with individuals choosing to cross busy roads at undesignated points. Such actions put their lives at risk and disrupt the smooth flow of traffic, potentially leading to accidents.

The Director-General’s warning serves as a reminder to all residents of Lagos about the importance of using pedestal crossings and adhering to traffic regulations. By raising awareness about the consequences of violating pedestrian safety measures, the aim is to discourage the disregard for these essential road rules.

Law enforcement agencies, with the cooperation of citizens, will work towards apprehending and holding accountable those who choose to ignore these safety protocols, the spoke person of the Crime and Safety information agency, Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, told the in Finland, yesterday.

This initiative seeks to reinforce the city’s commitment to protecting the lives of pedestrians and maintaining order on its roads.

The spoke person continue that Lagos residents are urged to prioritize their safety and that of others by utilizing designated pedestal crossings. Any individual found contravening this directive will face legal consequences, as authorities aim to promote responsible behavior and reduce road accidents in the city.

Finally, Comr. Odumala Olufemi, recommend that using the overhead bridges is not only for their safety but also for the efficient flow of traffic on the busy roads.

He stressed that crossing the road at undesignated areas puts pedestrians at risk of accidents and disrupts the smooth movement of vehicles. He urged everyone to prioritize their safety and carefully utilize the designated overhead bridges provided by the government.

Furthermore, he reminded the residents that using the overhead bridges is not only a matter of personal responsibility but also a legal requirement.

Disregarding traffic rules can lead to legal consequences, such as fines or penalties. Therefore, he urged the people of Lagos to be law-abiding citizens and use the designated crossings to ensure their safety and the harmony of the city’s transportation system.

Lastly, he assured the residents that the government remains committed to providing safe and convenient infrastructure, including overhead bridges, to facilitate pedestrian movement across busy roads. He encouraged the community to take advantage of these facilities and set a good example for others. By adhering to traffic regulations and making use of designated crossings, Lagos residents can contribute to building a safer and more organized city for all.

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