The Genius’ Legacies and the agony of the love ones!

BY: Amb. Agim Godwin Apple

When a soul is received in heaven, the angels rejoice. (Biblical).


The legacy of a genius refers to the lasting impact and influence left behind by an individual who possessed exceptional intelligence as the late Nigerian music artist.

Mohbad creativity, and innovation as such geniuses make groundbreaking discoveries, create remarkable inventions in his talented capacity and contribution to the advancement of others in various fields.

One example of a genius whose legacy will continues to shape the world is Mohbad.

As a musician, within a short range, he excelled in a myriad of disciplines, including a special music lyrics, singing and dancing.

By having an imagination of Mohbad is as projecting imagination on fellow genuine like, Da Vinci’s engineering designs that were far ahead of his time.

He conceived inventions like the parachute, helicopter, and hydraulic machine, showcasing his remarkable foresight and understanding of mechanical principles. While many of his designs were not fully realized during his lifetime, they served as a blueprint for future innovations.

Da Vinci’s meticulous anatomical studies significantly expanded our understanding of the human body. His detailed drawings and accurate depictions of human anatomy provided invaluable resources for medical professionals and anatomists, and his contributions have had a lasting impact on the field of medicine.

The legacy of a genius like Mohbad or da Vinci is not just confined to their specific achievements but extends to their ability to inspire future generations.

Their groundbreaking ideas, pursuit of knowledge, and relentless curiosity serve as an inspiration for aspiring thinkers, scientists, artists, and innovators. For centuries, da Vinci’s work has continued to captivate and motivate individuals across various domains to push the boundaries of what is possible.

In summary, the legacy of a genius is the lasting impact they make through their exceptional contributions and the inspiration they provide to future generations. Individuals like da Vinci and the Nigerian arti, Mohbad, will continue to shape our world, leaving behind a legacy that stands as a testament to their brilliance and ingenuity.

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