The joy of Christmas celebration among the people of Obudu in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Y: Amb. Agim Godwin Apple, Nigeria Diaspora Peace Ambassador to Finland/(General Consultative Status on Economic and Social Council of the United Nations).

Tourism industry is gradually approaching the people of Bebuabie in Ipong Obudu.

Bebuabie Community has championtheAfrican traditional bee keeping as source of livelihoods. Cross River state, is a state in the Niger-Delta, South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The home town of Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple

Christmas is a time when people come together with their friends and family to share in the spirit of giving, love, and goodwill.

It is a time of joy, laughter, and celebration, as people exchange gifts, decorate their homes, and partake in festive meals and traditions.

Food items donated by the illustrious sons and daughters of Obudu to be shared among the communities.

During this time, there is a sense of generosity and kindness that permeates communities as people reach out to those in need through charitable acts and donations. Additionally, the music, lights, and decorations create a festive atmosphere that brings smiles to many faces.

The global impact of Christmas celebration can be seen in the way people of different cultures integrate their own traditions with those of others, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

Ultimately, the joy of Christmas is a universal experience that transcends borders and brings people together in the spirit of peace and goodwill.

Compliment of the Season.

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