The need for the interception of the Global Peace Ambassadors through the UN on the ongoing war between the Israeli and Palestinian:

By: Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, Diaspora Peace Ambassador UPF, Finland

The need for the interception of the Global Peace Ambassadors through the United Nations on the ongoing war between the Israeli and Palestinian.

Dr. George Ikpot, Secretary-General of the Universal Peace Federation UPF Nigeria.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) could play a crucial role in mediating and intercepting the war between Israel and Palestine, according to one of the Global Peace Ambassadors of the United Nations UPF in Finland, Ambassadors Agim Godwin Apple.

We as the global peace Ambassadors can engage in promotion of dialogue as the UPF body, we could facilitate dialogue between the parties involved, providing a platform for open and peaceful discussions.

Through dialogue, misunderstandings can be addressed, grievances can be expressed, and potential solutions can be explored.

Under the UPF neutral mediator, the UPF could act as a mediator between Israel and Palestine. This impartiality can help build trust among the parties involved and establish a conducive environment for negotiations.

The UPF’s mission is to promote peace, reconciliation, and cooperation among nations and peoples.

By actively advocating for peaceful resolutions, the UPF can encourage both sides to consider non-violent alternatives and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

The UPF Peace Ambassadors can mobilize resources, both financial and human, to support peacebuilding efforts in the region.

This includes facilitating humanitarian assistance, promoting economic development, and supporting educational initiatives that promote tolerance and understanding.

The Global Peace Ambassadors can engage regional and international actors, such as neighboring countries, the United Nations, and other global organizations, to collectively address the conflict.

By involving a range of stakeholders, the UPF can increase the chances of finding a sustainable and long-lasting solution.

If we can work on promoting a culture of peace and understanding within Israeli and Palestinian societies through the grassroots initiatives, educational programs, and interfaith dialogues, the UPF can help bridge divides and foster a sense of empathy and cooperation among communities.

It is important to note that the war between Israel and Palestine is a complex and deeply rooted conflict.

The UPF’s involvement would require the cooperation and willingness of both parties to engage in peaceful dialogue and find common ground.

However, through its dedication to promoting peace and its wide network of global support, the UPF could contribute significantly to intercepting the war and paving the way for a peaceful resolution.

The Nigeria chapter of the UPF Ambassadors has been in active participation for the global peace and reconciliation under the leadership of her Secretary-General, Dr. George Ikpot.

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