There will be no shortage of fuel supply this year, according to NNPCL.

Mele Kyari, The chairman of Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited, said there will be no shortage of petroleum products this year.

Kyari made the announcement during a meeting with Senate leadership on Wednesday, November 22. He told Senate President Godswill Akpabio and other members of the Senate that NNPCL has the capacity to supply regular petrol until January next year.

“From now until next year, we have a stable supply of petrol. I always planned for 3 months. And I guarantee you that there will be no shortage in our country. You’ll see signs scattered around petrol stations encouraging people to wait in line. “There isn’t,” he said.

Kyari also announced that the Port Harcourt refinery will start operations in December, followed by the Warri refinery in the first quarter of 2024.

Kyari reiterated concern over the poor state of the national pipeline network and said his administration was determined to restore the issue of the pipeline distribution network. “With the support of Mr president, we are minimizing all our current activities and commitment. The pipeline has been repaired to allow us to further increase production and we are confident that no one will produce oil if investors are not confident in our ability to produce oil for future markets .” he said

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