UNICAL V-C Welcomes Freshmen at 46th Matriculation, urges them to shun antisocial activities:

Prof. Florence Banku Obi ViceChancellor University of Calabar


By, Ndifon Joseph

In a warm reception at the 46th matriculation ceremony of the University of Calabar, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi extended a hearty welcome to the incoming freshmen, emphasizing the importance of a positive campus environment, while urging them to steer clear of antisocial activities for a wholesome collegiate experience.

Addressing the assembly, Prof. Obi emphasized the significance of this pivotal moment in the lives of the incoming freshmen.

“Throughout history, man has struggled to acquire university education to help push back the frontiers of ignorance and be decorated with all the ornaments and glory that education can bestow. We welcome you into our home of culture, civilization and the application of knowledge for sustainable development.”

She further shared words of encouragement, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead, urging them to embrace the educational experience wholeheartedly.

“You have started a race in your life. Our business is to show you how this race must be run to embrace a worthwhile prize in the end. First, you must be acquainted with the rules and regulations of the university in this race for your life fulfilment. You must also be conscious of the fact that the officials of this race are your friends and at the final crossline, there will be only one judge – God, and that only Him can see you through.”

However, the heart of her address rested on a crucial piece of advice — a call to shun antisocial activities.

“You have been advised during your orientation to shun all forms of antisocial activities such as cultism, rape, sexual harassment, fighting, stealing or drunkenness. Please harken/listen to this plea. Despite the hot weather, you are expected to dress decently while on campus as you would dress to work.”

She also reminded the students that such activities not only undermine the values of the institution but also hinder personal growth and academic excellence.

Addressing reporters, some newly matriculated students raised concerns, specifically highlighting shortages of water and electricity within the hostel environment in recent days. On the other hand, others expressed optimism in the school administration’s capability to rectify these issues and ensure a consistent supply of portable water and uninterrupted electricity throughout the campus.

Breaking down the new intake, it emerges that out of the 20,250 students who sought admission, only 8,956 candidates successfully secured their place across 20 faculties and 116 departments within the University, at an event attended by the Deputy-Vice Chancellors (Administration, Academic and Research, Linkages & Collaborations), Registrar, Bursar, Provost of Colleges, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Institutions, Heads of Departments, staff, parents, and members of the fourth estate of the realm,

The event not only marked the beginning of a new academic year, but also reiterated the institution’s commitment to providing a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment. And, Prof. Obi’s words resonated with the entire assembly, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the freshmen as they embark on their educational odyssey.

Photo Credit:
NUCJ, Uni-Cal Chapter

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