United Nations Envoy charges international airports workers to accord Global Peace Ambassadors with VIP treatment:

United Nations General Assembly

The United Nations has charged international airports with the responsibility of according Global Peace Ambassadors with VIP treatment.

This decision comes in recognition of the vital role that these ambassadors play in promoting global peace and harmony.

Under this directive, all international airports across the world are expected to establish dedicated VIP lounges and facilities for Global Peace Ambassadors.

These facilities will offer comfortable and exclusive spaces where ambassadors can relax, conduct meetings, and prepare for their important peace missions.

His Excellency, Jonathan Goodluck, Former Nigeria President now Truee to Universal Peace Federation UPF Nigeria.

Additionally, international airports will be required to streamline immigration and customs processes for Global Peace Ambassadors, ensuring expedited clearance without compromising security measures.

This will ensure that ambassadors can swiftly and efficiently enter or exit countries to carry out their peace-building work.

Airport authorities will also be tasked with providing personalized assistance, such as dedicated staff members to guide ambassadors through the airport, priority boarding privileges, and access to fast-track security screening.

Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple, Peace Ambassador of the Universal Peace Federation UPF, General Consultative Status on Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

This level of service is aimed at recognizing and honoring the valuable contribution of these ambassadors to international peace.

Furthermore, airports will be encouraged to collaborate with airlines and other stakeholders to provide complimentary or discounted air travel for Global Peace Ambassadors.

This initiative aims to facilitate their travel to various conflict zones and peace conferences across the globe.

By assigning this responsibility to international airports, the United Nations seeks to create a global network of support and recognition for Global Peace Ambassadors.

This coordinated effort will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work, ultimately contributing to the promotion and maintenance of peace worldwide.

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